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CHECK-IT 0602  Service Engineer Pyrometer Set

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The Check-It 0602 Service Engineer Pyrometer Set is an exceedingly versatile tool with many varied uses. Measures accurately from -100 to 1999F. The thermometer with its sturdy case is at home in a toolbox or on a workbench as in the lab. Large backlighted 0.5 inch high liquid crystal display is easy to read, even in dark areas.

The Check-It 0602 comes with two interchangeable probes, carrying case and 9V battery. The Check-It 0199 Air Probe yields exceptionally fast readings when used to measure gas and air temperatures. Cross drilled stainless tube protects .005" sensor. For measuring room, air conditioner and heater, furnace exhaust stack temperatures and calibrating thermostats. The Check-it 0200 needle probe is an extremely fast re-sponding sensor. When inserted into any object the response time is practically instantaneous. For measuring temperatures of pipes, insulated lines, steam traps, liquids and Pete's plugs on cooling towers.



  • Built for Reliability
  • Designed especially for the Service Engineer
  • Instantaneous Response
  • Super sensitive Air and Needle Probes included
  • Interchangeable Probes
  • Available in F or C
  • Aerospace quality anodized aluminum instrument with its own high impact ABS case
  • Coil cord extends to 3 ft. for easy handling, retracts to 9 inches for easy storage
  • 9V battery, 1 year life in normal use
  • Large backlighted 0.5 inch display easy to read anywhere even in direct sunlight or dark areas
  • Open probe indication
  • Low battery indication
  • One full year warranty
  • Made in the United States of America


-100 to 1999F
Instrument accuracy:
-100 to 1000F, 1% 1 Digit
1000 to 1999F, 2% 1 Digit
System accuracy:
(including probe): With instrument calibrated to probe same as instrument accuracy Probe interchangeability 1F
Ambient temperature Sensitivity:
Operating temperature:
-10 to 55C ambient
Storage temperature:
-20 to 60C at 40% relative humidity Recommended recalibration period 1 Year
4-1/2" x 3" x 1-1/4"
(including battery) Approximately 10 ounces
0.5" high liquid crystal display (LCD ) backlighted
One 9V battery, Approximately 1000 hours life
Drop-proof black anodized extruded aluminum
Type K thermocouple
Retractable (3' extended length)
BNC type

CHECK-IT 0602 SET$330.28

Digital Pyrometer
CHECK-IT 0402$296.35
Air Probe
CHECK-IT 0199$85.66
Needle Probe
CHECK-IT 0200$64.49
Carrying Case
CHECK-IT 1084$48.13
Certification to NIST
CHECK-IT 1918$30.00

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